Weekly reflection: Consolidation

There have been no reflections last week as I have been to a conference and took the chance to take a couple of days off. The combination of new ideas and not thinking about work at all have been highly energising to me. With the help of a couple of reflections on this blog I have started to bring the elements that I felt far apart in my research so far come together.

I picked up my report again and try to rework it to clarify this new line of argument. I use the term “holistic technology” for now which I define as such that addresses the person with dementia as an active user of technology and take potential future technologies into account. I acknowledge participatory design as a useful and needed method to achieve this, but raise the point that this will not be able in all projects, e.g. short term student projects or commercial projects and emphasise the need for alternative methods.

I propose a range of workshops to explore critical and speculative methods to raise empathy as a response to the challenges presented by dementia.

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