The search for a research question

Even though from the activity on this blog it looks like I have been idle the last month, quite the opposite is true. I look a lot like staring out of the window, but I spend a lot of time thinking at the moment; clarifying my aims and coming closer and closer to the research question. For me, as for many I assume, this is quite a big step, because it will close down some doors. At the moment my project offers many different areas of exploration – all of which I find interesting – but I need to limit it down soon and formalise my research. It is a bit like picking the favorite child.

One of the ways in which I kept myself busy was writing up a literature review. Which is still ongoing. Today I decided to support the process by writing and drawing out theses and quiding questions. My writing is divided into three parts: in the first one, I identified 4 big areas for which technologies are developed. DONE. In the second I look deeper into the way these are developed and how they are perceived. Tougher, but I identifyed three problems that you will find below. Third step will be to outline ways in which to address these criticisms. Thoughest. But again I have outlined three areas that you will find here:


Now that I have a bit clearer what I want to write, I should go back to it. It is helpful to clear my mind. But maybe I tried too much by writing it all in one go. Maybe I need quick and easy fixes like this. So, hopefully, there will me more activity here soon.

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