Reflection Week 8

Making sense – work in progress

I am the first to admit that the reflection on this blog is not as regularly as it has been for former study projects. I am not sure if my lack of clarity leads to a lack of reflection as I experience it, or if the lack of reflection leaves me rather confused and drifting.

I have spend the last two weeks reading and getting an overview on what is done academically in regards to technology and dementia. While my initial open internet search identifiyed about 100 papers, I have used these to identify more papers through the references and introduction of projects within the texts. First ideas and thoughts start to emerge and I start to write them up in this blog.

I have deliberately taken this step to process what I have read so far and to identify key topics, before continuing the literature review. I am aware that what I have read is not the full picture, but I feel confident that the sample has been large (and randomly selected) enough to give a good overview and identify areas work is been done in.

In the next phase I want to combine reading about technological developments with reading about other issues identfied earlier, to be able to create stronger bonds between the topics and link them together better.

I find the discussion about monitoring and dementia quite interesting as it combines various other issues around dementia, technology and design. Bringing in a strong interest in privacy issues and holding strong views against surveillance, I feel many of the projects I have read about lack clarity about the implications and neglect an empathic understanding of what surveillance might mean to the individual. Even though it is too early to decide on this, I am considering making surveillance and privacy a case study at this stage. A blog post about this is in progress.

This idea is pushed further by my plan to have a workshop at the Chaos Communication Congress about dementia and privacy this year. This would enable me to collect more -and maybe contrasting- views on the topic, but also possibly practice the development of design probes or explore other speculative design methods.

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