Reflection Week 1

This first week has been a lot about finding my feet and understanding how to do things. Even though I partly know what is expected of me at this stage, it is still the question of how to actually do it. I am not saying that I know now, but I am starting to develop a certain structure to the day that I hope might help me. At the moment I feel very behind with things and hope to catch up soon once I have settled into the big city better.

This first week / month is all about exploration. It is a mix of looking deeper into the areas my project touches upon, challenge my assumptions and explore new areas that are linked to these subjects.

As a result of last weeks research I have set up a definition of ‘hacking’ which can be found on the glossary page. I identified three core aspects: making something new, an element of mastery and wit or playfulness. I am not sure how to measure mastery as most of the practical examples I have so far include too small alterations, but it will be something that will play a part in this project. Humour has been a part of my interests for a long time, so I look forward to look deeper into this.

It has been very hard to draw a line between hacking, DIY and craft and I do not think that this might lead to anything at this stage. If an alteration confirms to the three items above I will incorporate all types of media and tools used.

There is a very interesting distinction between the professional and the amateur as well as work and play that I want to come back to at a later stage.

What I want to focus on for the upcoming week is the question which part creativity plays in innovation and how it relates to resilience. Research into both these areas will be guided by the question: What makes some people creative and others not? Where does inspiration come from? Does it help to be able to appropriate items to feel in control.

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