Hello World

New project, new blog, new topic! These are the best of times. This week I have started a new research project for my PhD at the Interaction Centre at University College London (UCL). As I have moved from lovely Nottingham to the big city London, my project has grown in scale.

My initial topic is called “Dementia Hacks”, because I want to look into alterations people living with dementia make to their environments. Design not for people living with dementia, not even with people living with it, but design by people with dementia. In the upcoming week I will start by looking into hack events and the relationship between hackers and makers and health services. Who hacks for whom? Why are hacks initiated? What are the results of hacks and how relevant are the results? And how does dementia come into all of this?

I have found writing incredible helpful to sort out my sorts, address reoccuring themes and keep track of all – well, at least some – of my thoughts during reading. I hope you can find something interesting here, find inspiration or just generally learn about the topic while I do.

Enjoy! Hello World.

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